Saturday, December 31, 2011

wow... good bye 2011

This year has sure flown by. I know they say once you have kids the years just go faster and faster and I never really believed it till it came true and now I can't seem to slow the clock down one bit!
This new years eve I am sitting in my quiet living room with all 3 little princess tucked in their beds and sleeping so soundly. My husband is working tonight and I am laying here  and counting all the blessings we have surrounding us and how grateful I am for this year. It has been a adventurous one With Sarah turning 4! then Sophia turning 1! Then me turning 29! lol the last of my 20's! Then the birth of our Sydney pie. Then hubbys surprise birthday party! Adrian turning 16! Steven getting the position at Kiaser!
So many more milestones in between. So many blessings and challenges and memories. I will be forever thankful for 2011 for it was a year to remember for sure. I have grown in the Lord. and I have learned so much about friendship and family.
Tomorrow as we wake up it will be a new start to a new year and another chance to make some new resolutions.
My personal resolution is to get back in shape. isn't that a classic one? lol but i just joined a weightless challenge and I kinda would love to win! competitive? nah.
I wanna set a few more personal ones to. More time with God. keeping a journal and continuing my devotionals. 
So I welcome u 2012!! 

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~Mrs. Hughes said...

Happy new
Years! You've surely
Lifted my Spirits as insist here alone as well. Thank you!! Love reading! You have such Ann encouraging heart!